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Divine Chetna Yoga Providing Personal Yoga Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Private Yoga Teacher, Yoga classes and Yoga at home in Delhi Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi NCR . We Have experienced Yoga trainers. Who have provided better result according clients' needs and most of our trainers (National & International level) for Yoga and Health, who provided Yoga & fitness trainnng for celebrity. We provide Yoga & fitness trainers to our clients according to their problems/needs. Our most of the trainers know a number of forms of exercises and through which you can do exercises using with one trainer.

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Founder of Divine Chetna Yoga

योगी परमात्मादास

Yogi Parmatama Das consulting experience of more than 10 years he tried to understand his students’ idea of practice, their expectation from yoga and the short cuts taken to meet the expectations. He observed that the focus for yoga was limited to the physical and external level. In pursuit of happiness. only to realise it offered fleeting happiness - once it loses its appeal they are on to the next thing. Material things can be enjoyed with an understanding that none will ever provide lasting source of peace, happiness or contentment.

Body Fitness, Toning of body, Stress management, Obesity, Back pain, Hypertension, Thyroid & Cure of all problems. We provide Yoga Training for Home, Corporate, Hospitals, Hotels, B.P.O Groups,Events etc

Personal Yoga Trainer at home

Personal Yoga Training is a one-on-one session with the Personal Yoga trainer, at the comfort of your home and at the time of your convenience. These sessions are highly personalized to meet one's requirement and capability. The trainers assess your specific needs and tune into every nuance of your body, guiding you towards your goal. Over a period of time a yoga session emerges that is unique to you. Your personal trainer is also trained to guide you personally on your diet, lifestyle, health and wellness.


1:Increased flexibility.

2:Increased muscle strength and tone.

3:Improved respiration, energy and vitality.

4:Maintaining a balanced metabolism.

5:Weight reduction.

6:Cardio and circulatory health.

7:Improved athletic performance.

8:Protection from injury.

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